Web Active Directory was founded in 2002 in the hopes of providing the best web-based solutions available on top of Active Directory.   We started with a creating the web-based directory solution we call PeopleSearch, and since have developed an identity management platform.

In the nearly two decades since we have developed solutions that has a firm position in the identity management marketplace with customers all over the world, including Fortune 100, prestigious Universities and governmental agencies across the globe.  We have done this not only by keeping our cutting edge mentality and seeking what the market demands, but we pride ourselves in listening to our customers and their specific needs. Considering these two characteristics we have built not only a profitable company, but one that is faithfully customer centric.

Our customers have demanded that we be an engineering-driven company with expertise in Active Directory, identity management, and infrastructure and we have answered that call.  We want you to first consider us for any of your Active Directory or Identity Management needs.  We will provide keen advice and share our experience with not only system engineers and admins working in the IT trenches, but those who may simply not have the patience of wherewithal to spend time on Identity Management.  We are always interested in both customer and non-customer feedback and do our best to listen and respond.

Talk to anyone in our company and you will soon understand that we are here to serve, not only sell. We feel that if we serve properly, build products that do what they say they do, deliver them in a way that is intuitive to the end-user, and are affordable, we will continue to grow our firm…for that we are grateful.

We are so confident in our philosophy that we have published a promise to our customers. If we do not live up to this promise, send us an email or call us at 469-616-3477 and we will remedy the situation.