Welcome to WeddingBands.com. We offer timeless, unique designer jewelry. We design and manufacture an exquisite selection of platinum, gold, titanium and/or palladium diamond wedding rings and wedding bands.

Princess Jewelry was founded in St. Paul, Minnesota in 1985. With over 25 years of retailing experience in wedding bands, bridal settings, and gift jewelry, Princess Jewelry entered the internet in 1996, as WeddingBands.com.

We have offsite manufacturing facilities that creates all the rings on WeddingBands.com. These facilities allow us to provide high quality rings with affordable prices.

Wedding Bands.com is committed to the highest standard in manufacturing wedding rings. All our wedding bands are manufactured to the finest quality and detailed work. Our wedding rings are manufactured using 14K gold, 18K gold, 95% platinum, 95% palladium, titanium or combination of these metals. You can select the type of metal you would like when placing the order and we will manufacture your wedding band to your specification. The diamonds we use in our wedding bands are VS in clarity, H or better in color and cut to the proportions to show maximum brilliance and fire.

WeddingBands.com displays hundreds of artfully crafted wedding rings of exceptional originality and spirit. These beautiful wedding rings are the dramatic result of three basic components... Perception, Design, and Hand Fabrication. At WeddingBands.com no purchase is complete until you are 100% satisfied.

Design, Detail, Quality, Choice ...