As we officially debut the Candice Camille – Wellologist™ brand, I am recalling my journey and what it took to get here! Before being diagnosed with tracheal cancer, it never occurred to me that I had the power within my own being to decide whether or not to be well. I did not know prior to facing death that something as simple as making up my mind could indeed change the trajectory of not only my life but also the lives of the people that I have been honored to meet.These people are the numerous clients who have entrusted me to guide them on their individual journeys to becoming well.
And so today marks me drawing a line in the sand and declaring out loud to the clients who are yet to come, that your wellness starts here and it starts now!
As the Wellologist™ here is what you can count on from me:
1. Truth – about your current state and where you are as it has to do with your wellness.
2. Commitment – count on me to be right there along side you as long as you need and want me to be. My first and foremost goal will always be your complete and total wellness.
3. Accountability – wellness is you and me together, recognizing that there are no shortcuts to getting there.
4. Consistency – getting up each day, putting one foot in front of the other until wellness is achieved is how it is done.
5. Positive Energy – wellness begins in the mind and you can count on me to always bring positive energy and encouragement to the process.
6. Courage – helping to change the mind is not an easy task; especially if that mind is not your own. My commitment to you is that I will have the courage to do whatever is necessary, working along side you to help you to reach your goal.
7. Transformation – with total commitment to the process, you can be sure, you will be transformed!
Let’s do it!
The choice is yours – you get to decide…..