Westomatic Vending Services Limited is a privately owned British company established in 1966.

Based in the South West of England in the UK, on the English Riviera, Westomatic has developed a reputation for innovation and excellence over its 43 year history.

Westomatic is a leading UK manufacturer of hot and cold beverage vending machines, as well as a supplier of snack vending and food vending machines.

At Westomatic we pride ourselves on our Environmental policies.

In direct response to the ever-increasing number of requests for information on the Company’s green credentials and sustainability initiatives, we have published (on recycled paper) our Green Credentials brochure, detailing environmental initiatives undertaken within our factory in Devon, and our commitment to environmental sustainability and best practice.

Westomatic vending machines already utilise a high percentage of recycled material and are built with energy management programmes - saving both money for the customer and the environment.

In terms of sustainability, for our UK customers, Westomatic strongly believes that buying from a British manufacturer has never made more sense than it does today. And with over 92% of the components and materials used in the manufacture of our beverage machines sourced in the UK, you don’t need to be a mathematician to work out that shorter logistic paths mean reduced energy consumption and less reliance on fossil-based fuels.

On the basis that natural resources are increasingly precious, as a matter of policy we continue to offers our customers and clients packaging-free vending machines by using long-life re-usable delivery muffs. In this way, machines are delivered to site free of polythene shrink-wrap, polystyrene, cardboard or wooden pallets.

You don’t have to be a polar bear to realize the hard-hitting benefits of green products, green product innovation, energy-management, green production and packaging-free vending machines. As an original equipment manufacturer we have always been acutely aware of the fragility of the environment and the need for sustainability in our products, support services and overall approach to business. We hope our Green Road Charter demonstrates our commitment towards protecting the environment and continues to earn the trust and support of our customers.

The Westomatic mission. We’re in business to:
Design, manufacture and supply vending machines that are recognised for their reliability, technical capability and value for money, and to offer a range of services that support our customer’s needs and requirements.

Our unique selling point is:
Westomatic design and manufacture machines that are reliable and robust, and offer refurbishing facilities to extend equipment life. Our success is built on our core values of creativity, commitment and enthusiasm, and keeping our customer’s expectations at the heart of everything we do.

Our core values are:
Manufacturer partner philosophy
We see ourselves as an extension of our customers business. We seek to develop strong, multi-faceted relationships with customers at all business levels. Training, business understanding and the two-way flow of communication are integral to the success of our business.

Experience driving innovation - Respect for the past, present and future
Our heritage means we can push boundaries to deliver the right products and services for our customers. From a solid foundation of experience we provide innovative solutions and regularly review the services we offer in line with changing customer requirements.

Socially responsible
Through the design process, health and safety and environmental issues are of paramount importance. Significant emphasis is placed on independent assessment of our products and services with a focus on use of recyclable materials and responsible disposal at the end of machine life.

We support and train our customers so that they are able to provide machines and services that are professional and competent and can be valued by the consumer.

Employee focused
People are an important asset of the business to ensure the service delivery expectations are met. Regular training and development is part of our philosophy, together with staff appraisals so as to continue to develop their skills and encourage ownership and job satisfaction.

Product durability and dependability
Westomatic machines are designed and built to last. We believe it is important to look upon the machine as an asset that is designed to provide a significant business return over the lifetime of the machine.

Green Credentials
By utilizing the latest technologies and using recycled materials wherever possible, Westomatic equipment and services are proven to minimize energy consumption and impact on the environment.