Everyone dreams someday to spend a single dollar and win millions.  If you say you've never dreamt of becoming a millionaire, I say, "You're a Liar".  But, the only way you can have a chance to win millions, you have to make a conscious effort to invest that single dollar or dollars to win.

There are so many people who never play the lottery and then all of a sudden, the first time they play even one or two bucks - they become instant millionaires overnight.  Well, it could happen to you.  I know several people who have won large jackpots and ordinary (everyday) people are winning large sums of money.

The largest Powerball Jackpot in the history of the game occured today - November 28, 2012.  The jackpot has reached $550 million.  People everywhere are buying tickets, even driving from one state to another to purchase Powerball tickets.  So, don't sit there dreaming, get out there and buy just one ticket.  The next BIG winner could be YOU.  What are you waiting for - go get your Powerball ticket!