WhichLaserClinic.com was setup to provide a directory of clinics offering discounted laser hair removal to those with polycystic ovary syndrome - a symptom of which is excess hair growth.

Recommending a laser hair removal clinic used to be easy as they were all checked by the Care Quality Commission but in October 2010 lasers used for hair removal, tattoo removal and some skin treatments were no longer checked as part of the deregulation of the industry.

WhichLaserClinic.com was founded by experienced people within the hair removal industry who had been working with Verity the PolyCystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) charity to offer discounts on various hair removal products.

From thorough investigation it was seen that laser treatment was most effective in bringing a long term solution to unwanted hair but some NHS trusts supported laser treatments for those suffering with PCOS whilst others didn’t. WhichLaserClinic.com was formed to provide a platform for the laser hair removal industry to offer help and discounts for those with PCOS.

WhichLaserClinic.com is owned and maintained by Laser Clinic Services (Europe) LLP - a UK company registered in Surbiton, Surrey: Partnership number 0C308394.