Nashville, Tennessee- November 18, 2015- Be on the lookout for Amelia Presley's brand new single, Hard Headed Mama, to hit iTunes mid January. This song is an independent woman's anthem and especially highlights the tough "gals" serving in the armed forces. With lyrics such as "I'm a hard headed mama with a heart of blue" she references the ladies wearing blue uniforms. Words such as "I'm a loaded pistol with a pocket full of lead" are sure to get the point across along with many sarcasm laced lyrics. "It's not just women that I want to reach with this song. The lyrics are meant to be empowering and, yes, come from a woman's perspective. However, this song evokes survival and independence no matter who you are. It's will power."

Presley was recently discharged from the United States Coast Guard where she served as a machinery technician. She grew up in southern Mississippi around definite gender roles but never sought the typical southern woman's lifestyle. She is an advocate for living life to the fullest which she believes starts with independence. "When I was relocating from Virginia to Alabama upon military orders, I received a call out of the blue. An old acquaintance had heard the news that i was being stationed close to home and somehow acquired my phone number. He told me that when i got home, he would take care of me and i could quit my job. He had plenty of money and i could just stay home, he said. I informed him that he obviously did not know me because if he did, he would realize how hilarious that offer was! I told him he was crazy and he said I was just hard headed. So, I wrote this song right then and there. Needless to say, I continued living my 'hard headed' life!"

"Hard Headed Mama" is sure to empower and impress in 2016. Keep up with updates at facebook.com/ameliapresleymusic and ameliapresley.com.