We offer consulting and private label manufacturing services to customers, as well as offer products under in house captive brands. Our current brand portfolio consists of:
1) Fresh Fella Odor Elimination air fresheners and candles (www.FreshFella.com)
2) aroma43 luxury home fragrance (www.aroma43.com)

You love home fragrance and so do we. aroma43 was started to get back to the roots of hands on fragrance creation, artisan candle making, and other new artisan products that give great fragrance, as well as development of great performance, fun new scent delivery technologies and products.

Just like you, we get inspired by discovering and creating new things, we like to get our hands dirty and make great new products. We dig around in the garden, the woods, at the beach, and wherever happen to be, looking for great new smells. We then take these smells and integrate artisan manufacturing techniques in our workshop as well as cutting edge technology we develop in our lab to bring pure and robust fragrance into your world.

aroma43 is based on Fort Lauderdale, FL, and run by a small and growing team, making handmade, beautifully scented home fragrance products and working to create innovative and well crafted goods. The aroma43 brand is about passion more than mass production, it is about artisanship, it is about hands on crafting great products that customers will love from the day they buy them, when they give them as a gift or for the months they use them and for the years beyond that.

Connect with us online, give a call, or drop us a note. We would love to talk, share our passion, and make some new friends.

Love, Smile & Smell