White Cloud is hands down the most expensive electronic cigarette on the market, but there is a good reason for that. We pride ourselves on having exceptionally high quality products. This means having a low product failure rate, and ensuring that our batteries and cartridges last the longest. We want our customers to have the most enjoyable and realistic smoking experience possible. We listen to customer feedback and use their comments to constantly improve our products. Many of our competitors only care about the initial sale. Our goal is to build a strong White Cloud Nation. We want our customers to stay with us. We want to make sure they understand our products and how to use them as efficiently as possible. We stand behind our products and follow through with our warranty.

The Customer Service experience at White Cloud is never a maze of phone menus or getting passed from department to department without a solution. Customers call one number, and get a live person on the phone. How can we manage to have only 2 customer service representative with such a large customer base? Because our quality is so high we simply don’t receive many dissatisfied-customer calls. In fact, most inbound customer calls are for cartridge reorders.

Yes, our products are hand-made in China from the highest caliber facilities in the industry. Each cartridge is produced through a painstaking nine-step manufacturing process, and must pass 3 separate quality checks. Batteries undergo a 13 step process involving 4 quality checks. We have an employee living in China who checks the quality of each item before we accept any new product batch. The top share-holders of the company travel to China frequently to tour the factories, ensuring that the manufacturing process is carried out to their high standards.

Our goal at White Cloud Cigarettes is to leverage the success of our 31 existing retail locations and expand our kiosk presence throughout the United States. We are seeking long-term employees and satisfied customers to spread the word about our sensational products!