Founded by Sebastian Laxell and Jaakko Virtanen, Whiteboard.fi is an online whiteboard tool for teachers and classrooms with millions of monthly users all over the world, mainly in the USin US, Saudi Arabia and India. The userbase varies from teachers to educational institutes.

Made with the pedagogical approach in mind, Whiteboard.fi is a result of Finnish educational and pedagogical expertise combined with innovation and technology. The solution was born in 2016 when Sebastian, a teacher and IT entrepreneur, published the first version in order to provide the teachers with a tool designed to help teachers with formative assessment in the classroom or during remote learning.

In Whiteboard.fi, every student will get a digital whiteboard, where they can draw, write text, make notations on images, add math equations, and more. The teacher sees all students' whiteboards in real-time, following their progress, while the students only see their own whiteboard and the teacher's. Whiteboard.fi is an instant formative assessment tool for the classroom, providing live feedback and an immediate overview of students.