About WhizBang Enterprises
*whiz-bang also whizz-bang (hw z b ng , w z -)
One that is conspicuously effective, successful, or skillful…
“Seriously, it’s not that hard”! WhizBang Enterprises

WhizBang Enterprises is a sales consulting firm dedicated to creating better sales results by evaluating, assessing and refining small to mid sized business’ sales process.

How We Do It
Our team provides insight into your existing sales pipeline and sales process with a novel twist.  We begin with a cost perceptive “tool box” approach that can be as simple or robust as required.  But we don’t just look at it from the Manager, or Owner’s, point of view.  Different but effective. The path to discovery begins with a unique WBE Sales Health Assessment.  Based on a proven methodology, of your sales pipeline and your sales process, our assessment will help your company define a repeatable, scalable sales process that will make you money, save you money, or a combination of both and insure efficient resource utilization; guaranteed.

Who We Are
With over 60 years of experience, our team provides understanding from different perspectives (business development and management) and shares our recommendations in a way that everyone in your organization can embrace.  We have been in your place at one time or another, growing businesses from the ground up, working as the right hand man (woman) for the boss, and infusing life into anemic sales processes to move sales teams (and other teams) to success, from leadership to feet on the street.

We introduce you to WhizBang…
The analysis is stellar (if we must say so ourselves), the delivery, well, we are hoping refreshing and easy, and the ongoing support, amazing, dependable and a key to the success you need to stay healthy and prosperous …

We want to make you into a WhizBang too…

*whiz-bang also whizz-bang (hw z b ng , w z -)
One that is conspicuously effective, successful, or skillful…from the free online dictionary
“Seriously, it’s not that hard”!  WhizBang Enterprises