This truly is the age of digital convergence. This month, one major launch in the app arena has been a new app called WhizXpress that promises to truly whizzify your communication needs by joining all your conversations and eliminating the use of multiple apps, log ins and multiple devices in your life. That too free of cost!

Now you can express all that your heart desires using this new app which provides free and unlimited IM, chat, presence, audio calling right from your phone book, call back facility from global destinations, voice mail services, multi-party calls etc. It is a smart phone application for Android, iPhone, Windows PC, MAC, iPad/ Tabs that helps you merge almost all your conversations into one app. Using this new age app you can text chat, do direct calling (Call Through), VoIP calling, international calling using call back feature and much more.

Gone are the days where apps like Watsapp and Skype would give you limited digital ways to communicate and converge and you would need multiple apps, multiple log ins and multiple passwords to track. Here is one of the most advanced app that gives you not only text chat like Watsapp, but also seamlessly integrates audio & video calling including multi party calls & voice messages etc.

The easy console that the app provides is completely easy to understand. Launched as a free app, you can use all these features within seconds by downloading this app from iStore, Android Play store, Windows store, etc.

One of the many unique propositions that this app offers is that upon activation using your mobile number and a password that’s set by you, you can use the same log in details on multiple devices so that you friends and connections are never away from you. All messages are pinged on all activated devices. All audio calls ring on all devices. Not only this, in case you are not available for audio calls either due to network issues or switched off devices, people trying to call you through can leave voice mails. You can retrieve these voice messages in the form of