Wholefoods Melbourne is a Melbourne based wholefoods business supplying wholefoods Australia wide online.
Established in 2015, supply bulk whole foods. Categories include organic dried fruit, flours, nuts, seeds, healthy oils, coconut products, cacao and healthy chocolate products, healthy cereals, condiments and grains.
Whole foods Melbourne aims to provide the best possible wholefoods that improves health and well being. This can reduce the chances of debilitating diseases. both mentally and physically.
promotes healthy food made from whole foods when baking and cooking. Recipes on the Whole Foods Melbourne website are now available The type of diet encouraged is that promoted by current day nutrition experts.  This includes food that is free of preservatives, gluten, dairy and refined sugar and wholefoods that are organic and naturally sourced. Products that are classified as Australian Certified Organic are promoted.
This business started with the story below...........
"Imagine watching your family eat a meal you prepared that has the optimum nutritional value, free of pesticides, chemicals and anything else they should not be eating….."
We are striving for this but it has taken some time.  We personally have had some minor intolerance's ( wheat and dairy ) but this business really started at Easter when our 6 year old came out in a rash – after eating a lot of chocolate of course.
It was a full body rash that was itchy and would re-occur every time she ate.  Hives was the diagnosis and she was treated by the GP with an anti- inflammatory.
hives - images (1)
It was at the time we thought there must be another way, we needed to  prevent this from happening again.
So the journey began……… Wholefoods, Organic, Dairy Free, Paleo, Raw, Pesticide Free, No Sugar, Gluten Free, Chinese Medicine, Alternative Medicine, Naturopathy, Herbs, Recipes,  … and the journey continues.
We have all changed our diet and our cooking has changed focus heading towards a healthier alternative. Though some habits remain some progress has been made, but it is a work in progress.
So we want to share these triumphs and new passion with others, and hope you too can share your knowledge and expertise with us.