LCD Monitor

LCD monitors have actually been around since 1972, when the first lcd monitors or 'liquid crystal display panel' was produced in the US. Many laptop computers and notebook computers are using LCD Monitors due to their low power requirements and slim makeup. LCD monitors are also commonly referred to as flat panel monitors due to their appearance. Cheap lcd monitors, cheap computer monitors, flat panel monitors, and refurbished lcd monitors are becoming more available to consumers due to advances in technology, which have driven market prices down.

Flat Panel Monitors

Flat panel monitors or LCD flat panel monitors use the same technology to achieve the similar goals. You'll save space whether at home or in the workplace, and a flat panel monitor or lcd flat panel monitor will surely give you a better picture than its predecessor, the CRT Monitor. At Geeks.com we carry flat panel monitors ranging in size from 14 inches to 24 inches. What flat panel monitor or cheap computer monitor is right for you? Shop at Geeks.com and decide for yourself!