San Francisco based company, http://whoppered.com, newly released a site for calculating how many hours people have to work to buy something. When people determine how long it takes for them to work for something, it allows them to realize if the cost is worth it. When taking in the perspective of the cost versus the actual time it takes to work for something, the site aims to help people curb their spending habits.  

For instance, if somebody makes $20 an hour and wishes to buy new shoes for $150, 10 hours of work (after tax) is needed to acquire the item. Once people realize the actuality of the cost is equivalent to working 10 hours, they are able to make an insightful decision to spend or not. Looking at the cost of item in relation to income can help determine if buying an item is actually worth the hours needed to work.

With this new product, Whoppered sets its goal to help people become more cost conscious about spending so they can ultimately save more money and increase their wealth as a result.