WhyGREENPower.org is on a quest to see how far we can push the limits of GREEN Power & technology.

What is this all about?:  WhyGREENPower.org shares GREEN alternative energy solutions like solar, wind and other technology to help towards independence from power bills & fuel costs… and even transportation costs.

Who?:  A group of industry GREEN experts have offered their assistance to show that GREEN Power is not only good for the earth, but your pocket book as well!

What?:  One of our first projects is to track the progress of one residential home for 12 months to see how far we can take GREEN Power.  In the first month a savings of 41% was obtained on the first power bill.  We will continue to track the progress and share what is learned along the way as we continue to make enhancements and leverage technology.  Did we mention the ROI including all incentives right now is less than 3 years?  Now it’s on to solve for the other 59%!  :)

Up and coming GREEN!:  So you know about our quest to reduce the power bills.  What you might not know is this fall we will start a separate project to leverage the GREEN Power from the house to charge a electric vehicle (EV). Good bye  $4 dollars a gallon!  Stay tuned. Stay GREEN.

Have an idea?:  We would love to hear from you.  Have an idea for the a blog post? suggestions@WhyGREENPower.org

Let’s share, learn, and promote GREEN Power!

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PS – Did you know?:  The federal Tax Code (HR-1424) is offering, through 2016, a 30% Tax Credit on batteries, panels, wiring, and installation costs associated with a GREEN Power purchase.