Sunnyvale, CA

Widget.co (https://widget.co) has released the first technology offering texting and calling through images and documents. Widget embeds communication code into any image or document, transforming them into texting and calling channels without using or revealing phone numbers.

Parties are connected through the image or document in context. Users simply tap on any image or document to text or call directly with the publisher.

Widget images and documents go anywhere: websites, social media, blogs, email, SMS, or messaging platforms like WhatsApp. Wherever Widget images or documents go they become a direct communications link back to the publisher.

Widget images and documents can be very granular. a single product, a page of a document or PowerPoint, a listing, stock number, service ticket, offering, promotion, a person, place, or thing.

Initial customers include companies in enterprise software, automotive, real estate, advertising and aerospace services. This includes Shane Cheng, a Bay Area realtor. “Widget allows me to distribute images of my listings beyond MLS. Prospective clients just tap on the image and I know exactly which property has their interest”.

Embedding Widget communications code is DIY and requires no programming. It works in both web and mobile environments and on multiple devices simultaneously.

Features include push notifications allowing publishers to reconnect with customers after a conversation has ended, a dashboard for tracking customer interaction in real-time, and assignability to team members.

About widget.co
Widget is a Silicon Valley based software company and holder of multiple patents for image and document-based web and mobile communications. Customers include companies in the software, automotive, real estate, advertising, and aerospace industries along with numerous SMBs. The Widget platform is now in Beta release and utilizes Oracle cloud infrastructure. Additional information can be found at https://widget.co