Wiedmann Media AG:
Production and distribution of artistic, literary and graphic works. The Company may acquire, enhance and dispose licenses and other intellectual property.

The Company is the owner of THE WIEDMANN BIBLE. In June 2015 the unique artwork which is visual representation of The holy Scripture was presented to the public for the first time, after being hidden in an archive for decades. It is the only Bible version that illustrates the complete Old and New Testament.

The artist Willy Wiedmann worked for 16 years on the 3,333 hand-painted illustration of exceptional format and sensational extent. He created the over a mile long leporello (concertina folder) in his Polycon Painting style, which he had invented during the sixties.

The artist’s first attempt failed due to the lack of available technology. His children took on the task of making their father’s dream come true.

Since original THE WIEDMANN BIBLE is the only existing copy, an App was created in order to share God’s illustrated words with the world.

It is available for download in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, and has plenty of interesting features.
Since Wiedmann had dedicated his life to the welfare of others, parts of THE WIEDMANN BIBLE's project proceeds will be donated to a charity.