Drew Taylor has long been a Pioneer in Inventions, Innovations and accurately sniffing out trends that seem like a fad but are here to stay. He had is first website built in 1993 when there were less than a Million websites in the entire world! With 7 patents and a history of being on the CUTTING EDGE of technology, he first became aware of Bitcoin in 2011 and began to watch this technological innovation. In 2012 Drew met Alex Eaton when Alex was trying to sell a "Bitcoin ATM machine to the Local Organic Juice Bar Drew and his sons opened in San Antonio, LONG before San Antonio knew what Juicing was.
As in innovator, Drew recognized he wasn't going to miss the potential of this technology. Over the years, Drew kept in touch with Alex who had committed his career to sharing all things Bitcoin and Blockchain. Alex even created the "Bitcoin Beginner Box", the easiest and most comprehensive first step to understanding Bitcoin and Blockchain.  
In early 2017, Drew and his sons began to get involved in trading Bitcoin and other Crypto Currencies.
As a Successful inventor, having sold millions of dollars worth of his own patented technologies, Drew decided to create his own Crypto Currency, still in development, EdisonCoin will launch late spring. EdisonCoin will be the "Shark Tank" of cryptocurrencies.
The FIRST and ONLY cryptocurrency that will give the Individual Inventor a chance to have their idea become reality.
Drew founded San Antonio's original Inventor Support group at the request of his patent attorney who was all to aware that only 2% of inventions ever make money. 3 of Drews 7 patents have resulted in millions of dollars of sales.

Having pioneered and produced 6 radio shows, Drew decided to take advantage of his extensive network of Entrepreneurs and Inventors and business owners and create the worlds FIRST radio show to empower the "regular" folk to get involved in this phenomenon know as Crypto Currencies. Drew said "Crypto currencies are truly the Wild Wild West right now, with 10 new coins being listed a week and Bitcoin have a Market Cap greater than Wal Mart. Our goal is to inform, educate and do all we can to keep folks from falling for scams and potentially changing their lives".

Drew engaged a business associate, Brent Bates, who's extensive resume as a Securities broker, Wealth Manager and even prior owner of his own fund to join him as Co-host of the show. Brent claims "some folks are going to get rich, others are going to get hurt. My goal is to share as much experience, wisdom and understanding of the financial markets, Fiat currencies, the SEC and all else financial I can to create an "informed" investor for those who choose to head into the Wild West of Crypto Currencies."

Tune in each week to 550 AM KTSA in San Antonio from 8:30-9:30 pm each Sunday evening. The show will feature the TOP people in the Crypto Space with insider info from Alex Eaton and others, outsider info from Josh who turned a small $800 investment into over $40,000 in 4 weeks and continues to pick winners in the Crypto Currency space.
The show will also keep listeners up to date and the latest regulations, trends, events and scams.

The WWCS will also feature the BEST new ICO's (initial coin offerings) based on a comprehensive rating system Drew created decades ago to determine whether a new product or idea had real world potential.

Drew and Brent both agree, "this is an "information" resource, we will not give financial advice, we will not recommend any specific Crypto Currencies and we HIGHLY recommend BEFORE you invest a single dollar in this space, you check with your Financial Advisor. EVERY SINGLE DOLLAR invested, could be lost!

Plan to tune in each week, download our podcasts, subscribe to our website, newsletter and Learn all things Bitcoin & Crypto!