Wilkus  Architects
Located in Eden Prairie, MN was established in 1990. The firm has experienced continuous growth and currently specializes in client interactive projects, formed relationships with other professionals, and developed expertise to address the myriad planning, design, and construction concerns faced by growing municipalities and corporations.

We deliver comprehensive services through project teams created according to your specific needs as a client. In doing so, we offer the stability and state-of-the-art resources of a larger firm, plus the creative atmosphere and personal attention of a small office.

Good firms understand principles of appropriateness and can determine the essence of the clients’ needs, in order to offer just the right combination of professional services. We seek to build your trust in our ability to use good judgment, based on past experience. After all, there is no substitute for experience.

We take pride in providing well thought out solutions and efficiently managed projects. We have the broad based experience to deal with virtually any kind of problem, down to the nuts and bolts details that often spell the difference between success or disappointment at the end of the project.
Managing Expectations

Task definition and project schedules are essential tools. Experience is crucial to understanding a comprehensive list of tasks needed to complete the job. A realistic understanding of a reasonable time it should take to complete the task is necessary to prevent unrealistic expectations. We seek to identify situations before they become problems. This is the result of good planning principles that are based on past experience.