The Law Offices of William J. Reddy is a criminal defense firm providing personal legal services to individuals in Rockland County, New York City, Hudson Valley and the entire New York State.  An arrest for committing a crime can be a very frightening and confusing experience for an individual.  If convicted of a crime such as DWI, drug crimes, assault, sex crimes, robbery, domestic violence, traffic violations, weapons charges, white collar crimes and others there can be significant consequences of jail or prison time, fines and other punishments along with the loss of certain freedoms.  It is important to have a strong defense and representation by an experienced attorney who can help protect constitutional rights during the legal proceedings and challenge evidence presented by a prosecution.  The firm understands the difficulties that clients have when facing criminal allegations and has the proven record to defend even the most complex case inside and outside the courtroom.  Visit http://www.williamreddy.com for more information.