A new Amazon e-book, Cope With Your Crisis, provides advice on stress relief for adults and older adolescents. The author, American psychiatrist William R. Taylor, MD, notes that, "too many parents, other adults, and older teens struggle in silence, worldwide. They feel that they have more problems than other people, they don't know where to begin, or who to talk to. They often doubt that anyone else suffers as much.
"This e-book offers help in solving emotional problems, building on ideas a reader may already have in the back of his or her mind. They can dip into it in short bursts. Or they can consult some of the many other online sources the book links to."
Taylor adds, "I also suggest ways to help someone else -- such as a friend or relative -- with their struggles."
Cope With Your Crisis is not a long e-book, and does not cover the entire range of emotional stressors. Taylor makes clear that anyone struggling with suicidal or homicidal impulses needs direct, person-to-person emergency help. "My e-book alone would not be enough," he points out, "but I hope it can enable some readers to head for help before they need an emergency room."