William F. Kempf & Son Inc, established in 1886, is one of the pioneering companies to import natural cocomats and distribute them from their warehouse in Philadelphia. Our first consignment of coco mats arrived at Philadelphia Port in the spring of 1906. We are capable of custom crafting hand woven coco mat in the USA. In looking at the needs the versatile coco mat could provide, the company serves the horse transportation by supplying  the cocomat used on the ramps of the trailers to ensure surefooting when the horse steps on the ramp. We also carry the tufted coco mat with vinyl backing  used for recessed areas, and can custom cut these mats .  However the unique aspect of our business that separtes us from the rest of the coco mat distribution companies  is that we can custom craft a woven coco mat and produce it according to the specific size.  Having our own factories in India we can give a fast turnaround for a custom designed coco mat, or a custom designed recycled tire mat.