We offer an extensive selection of window treatments for your home or office; our family of name brands include Hunter Douglas, Comfortex, Graber, Norman, Lafayette, and more. We guarantee our work and have a style to fit nearly any budget! We are confident we will meet and exceed your demands. We offer a quality product and superior service.  We pride ourselves on offering complimentary shop at home, bringing everything to your front door. Window treatments are our specialty, not a sideline, so you know you're getting the best possible expertise. Ask any of our thousands of satisfied customers and you'll see why we're the area's #1 source for quality window treatments!
We have a wide selection of blinds from sheer verticals or panel track systems to metal mini-blinds, wood and faux wood venetian blinds.   These blinds are custom made in all shapes, sizes, colors and materials. Traditional shutters (sometimes known as colonial style) have 1-1/4 inch wide movable louvers. These interior window shutters are commonly used indoor for colonial (or traditional) style American homes.

Café shutters that cover the lower portion of your window offer a quaint, cozy cottage look and feel.  If you prefer total privacy at times, but the option to open the top panels for light while keeping the bottom panels closed for privacy, your best choice would be double-tier shutters. The louvers are tensioned to stay in the desired position and do not need adjustment or maintenance.  

Plantation shutters have larger 2 ½”, 3 ½”, or 4 ½” movable louvers.  Generally more contemporary in design, the versatility of these shutters allows them to be used almost anywhere.  The wider louvers allow more visibility through the louvers so you will be more inclined to adjust the louvers rather than the panels for light control.  Tensioning on the louvers insures they stay in position.  These are available as café and double tier units as well.

Service:  We are a small company serving Southeastern North Carolina. Our #1 priority is service.  We have learned that "QUALITY SERVICE" is the most important asset we can offer.

A locally owned business with owner operation is the perfect alternative to oft-quoted complaints with franchise operations.  You will not find the mistakes, careless disregard to quality and service, as well as inexperience often found elsewhere.  

WE take pride in what we say and do: "QUALITY SERVICE and AFFORDABILITY!" If you choose Affordable Blinds and More, you will get the service you deserve.  Blinds Wilmington nc.