Window Bubble basement window well covers are well-built, beautiful, lightweight, and provide security for unsafe window wells. Each basement window well cover is custom made to fit the correct dimension and nature of your window well. We provide custom basement window well covers to meet all window well cover needs, including basement well covers, egress window wells, metal window wells, basement window wells etc.

Window Bubble was first created in 1965. E.B. Dilworth had searched diligently for a protector of his window well and found nothing that matched his expectations. More than 50 years have passed and three different generations of the Dilworth family have continued to make the Window Bubbles with the high level of quality first instilled by E. B. Dilworth. Our goal is simple. We will make a well cover that is customized to the windows on your structure. We perform a complete inspection on each unit before it is allowed to leave our manufacturing plant. We ensure the proper mounting hardware and accompanying instructions are packed with the window bubble. Every Window Bubble comes with a standard Lifetime Guarantee. This guarantee covers workmanship as well as any defects found in the materials.

Dilworth Manufacturing prides itself on the commitment to customer satisfaction. What makes us different from our competitors? Attention to PERSONAL SERVICE. Our designers take the time to talk with the customers and make sure that the express purpose and needs are met with the bubble. We want every customer to be satisfied with their order from us.

The Window Bubble product is available at multiple locations across the United States. We produce these items from 3/16″ Plexiglas® Acrylic. This is a very strong material that will allow sunlight to come through while also providing an escape portal if necessary. Each Window Bubble is made to the customer’s exact specifications to ensure satisfaction with the process.

Why Our Window Bubble is the Best Choice for Your Basement Window Well Covers:

We’ve been in the business since 1965 and have served thousands of satisfied customers — Window Well Experts! We are the most experienced manufacturers of window well covers on the market today.

We provide “All Shapes and Sizes”. We have provided more custom window well covers than anyone else in the business. If we can’t cover it, no one can!

Basement window well covers are the only product we make. Our entire focus is on providing you with the highest quality cover available.

We care! Our customer service is unsurpassed and we are happy to answer your questions by phone, email or fax.