A Free New Social App that is all about Creating Fun now, and not storing History!
The Winkage App allows users to Check-In at places, and interact with a venue specific live public chatterbox containing others posts, comments, pictures, etc. All users can interact with this venue type twitter feed called the Chatterbox. If someone catches your eye...Send them a private Wink text, and chat with that person all day through the night till 6am CST.  Every day at 6am CST the entire Winkage network venue boards are Completely Cleared leaving no digital history or connections from the day before. No Followers, No Friends equals No Worries.  Winkage lets users be fun, social, and active on the user's terms.  Whether it's a stadium full of fans, a bar packed with personalities or a Library all alone, Check in on Winkage and post comment for all to see and interact with that day, CHECK-IN, SHOUT-OUT, & GET WINKED!! THE APP WITH BENEFITS! DOWNLOAD FREE WINKAGE APP & HELP SPREAD THE WORD