SENSeOR is a high-tech company located in Sophia Antipolis (near Nice) and Besançon, France, which owns unique competencies in the field of SAW-based sensing (Surface Acoustic Waves).
The company designs and sells revolutionary solutions to measure temperatures, stresses, pressures and chemical analysis.

The sensors developed by SENSeOR can be remotely interrogated since they operate wirelessly and they do not require batteries or any other local power source. The ensuing benefits are then unique. The devices are indeed light-weight, robust, maintenance-free, autonomous and environmentally-friendly.
Each measurement solution comprises a reader unit (also referred as interrogator) and the sensor mounted with its associated antenna.

Besides, these passive devices have the ability to operate real-time in harsh environments (explosive and/or irradiated atmospheres, high temperatures…) and/or in confined places (human body, incorporated in materials, inside engines or turbines or pumps, inaccessible locations…).

SENSeOR continuously strives for delivering high-ROI product and solutions from its growing portfolio, either for end-users or system integrators and OEMs. A customized approach is definitely possible upon request depending on clients’ and/or partners’ specific requirements.
Close collaboration with two leading research institutes, growing partnerships with world-class industrials together with IP development and management are SENSeOR’s key success factors.