WishYoo Launches With Mission To Change The Way We Celebrate Worldwide
•     More than 7 billion paper greeting cards are sold every year
•     E-cards are not working in their current format as they lack emotional value and personalization
•     Millions of trees are cut every year to make paper cards, which are thrown away most of the times

A solution to this situation was long overdue, and to that end we set out to design a technology that would bring the value and personalization of traditional cards into the electronic world. When we decided to create WishYoo, at the begging it was all about convenience. But the more research we did, the more we realized that a solution was needed to the paper greeting card industry. We were determined to put a stop to the destruction of millions of trees, by teaching people to use a cool, convenient and intuitive new tool.
WishYoo is a digital platform that addresses these issues while allowing users to celebrate and share special days in a creative and engaging way. Unlike a regular e-card, WishYoo invites families, friends, colleagues or the general public to commonly send a handwritten card to celebrate a birthday, anniversary, appreciation day and any other event.

See a current example here: https://www.wishyoo.com/card/KMA70YjL

For us, this had to be a solution that could add value to the person who receives a card, as well as to those who want to sign it. We wanted to create a real substitute of a paper card, which would save people from driving, parking, buying and sending individual cards that often end up in the trash.
We knew that traditional e-cards lacked personal touch and emotional value, and we also saw that inviting groups of people to sign paper cards and to co-gift was equally complicated.

The WishYoo platform has the power to unite families, friends and colleagues from around the world in Private cards, or to engage the whole country in celebrating national or international events by marking a card “Public”.

Additionally, anyone who creates a WishYoo card can attach their voice individually or as part of a chorus. Users can post a common gift or gift-card, and even donate their card to the charity of their choice. Donations set up on WishYoo go directly to the charity’s website and we don’t make any money or commission from them.

Businesses can also benefit from WishYoo. Nowadays hospitals and corporations apply lots of time and effort to pass around cards to celebrate employees (and customers) birthdays, get-wells, anniversaries or to recognize a job well done. For them, WishYoo B2B offers an efficient way to make cards with two mouse clicks. WishYoo cards are also a great community marketing tool that will reach people at an emotional level and won’t fade with the passage of time.

Today the WishYoo platform has been used by celebrities like Oprah, Steven Spielberg, Nicole Kidman, Je-Lo, Ezra miller, Julia Roberts, Zendaya and more than 150 others, to celebrate the Anniversary of the Golden Globes and other important events.

But not only celebrities use WishYoo. Teachers and kids in the U.S. another countries have started to use their own birthdays to fundraise for their class using WishYoo Cards.

Wishyoo helps you preserve the memories of those special events while saving our forests and helping others.
For more information send us an email to contact@wishyoo.com