Do you need IRS or state tax help? If so, you need to contact Wolf Tax Consultants today at 1-888-WOLF-TAX (9653-829) for a free confidential consultation. We specialize in tax problem resolution. We are available to assist you 24/7. We offer flat fees for tax representation, that means we do not charge by the hour. Throughout our years of experience we know IRS procedure and protocol. We know what IRS can and cannot do. You must qualify in order to obtain approval on an Offer In Compromise, a negotiated installment agreement, Innocent Spouse Protection or a penalty abatement. Lien releases, tax levies and wage garnishments are not automatically released. These too require certain procedures. In order to qualify for these actions, you must be in compliance. IRS has 10 years to collect the tax assessed. This is from the date of the assessment of tax by the IRS. Ten years is a long time to worry about IRS collection action. Meanwhile, the debt gets much larger due to penalties and interest charged on the unpaid balance. If you are placed into currently not collectible status, a lien is filed on your name and attaches to your property. That is property you currently have and property you acquire in the future. Delay tactics do not help your cause. They end up costing you much more money because of IRS penalties and interest and professional fees. Take action Now by calling Wolf Tax to help you with your tax problem.