We serve clients with all manner of personal injury claims, from a simple wrongful death suit to mass tort claims for product liability, a Fort Lauderdale wrongful death lawyer from our firm can help your family cope with these tragic losses.

Knowing how negligence law factors in matters such as brain injury lawsuits and claims for construction accidents is important to seeking a fair settlement for your damages and losses. Our Ft. Lauderdale wrongful death lawyer team is here to provide you with the professional guidance to make informed decisions about your options in these cases.

Florida is a state known to have a high volume of traffic accidents, and our Fort Lauderdale car accident attorney team has handled cases from the basic rear-end collision between passenger vehicles, all the way to aviation tragedies, commercial vehicle wrecks, and school bus accidents.

Product liability is also a focus of our firm; from defective products including tire and auto defects, to health risks such as Chinese drywall, our Fort Lauderdale injury lawyers are confident in handling these cases. We’re not afraid to go up against the big companies to seek justice for our clients and many other local law firms often refer their more difficult cases to our skilled attorneys.