Founded in 1921, Wolfgang is one of the oldest family-owned and managed confectionery manufacturers in the United States. From peanut brittle to hollow chocolates, Wolfgang offers one of the most extensive arrays of high-quality chocolates and non-chocolate confections available in the marketplace. In addition to the all-natural dark chocolate dipped Raspberries, Blueberries and Cranberries, some of the company’s most popular products include chocolate topped truffle cookies, a wide assortment of solid and hollow molded chocolates — bunnies at Easter and Santa at Christmas, and fine boxed chocolates — chocolate-covered pretzels and animal crackers, chocolate-covered peanut butter marshmallow treats (marshmallow and peanut butter covered in milk or dark chocolate), hand-dipped raisin and peanut clusters, and other assorted milk and dark chocolates.
Wolfgang markets and distributes its products through retail, wholesale (private labeling and contract manufacturing), and fundraising sectors. The company is a market leader in the fundraising industry and a trusted name enabling organizations of any size to achieve their financial goals. With a sole focus on and commitment to its customers, Wolfgang demands unparalleled quality in its products, providing its customers with a truly enchanting experience in taste.