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Wolfman Jaccs bio below:

Born in Minneapolis, MN Anthony "Wolfman Jacc" Turner was placed in foster care as a toddler. Due to unfortunate circumstances that still remains unknown today. While in foster care he moved around a lot from home to home because his behavior, such as, selling drugs, and fighting. To counter the hard lifestyle and changes of life he started rapping at the age of 7. But he was never in any place long enough to make something happen musically. At the age of 18 Wolfman Jacc decided to move from Minneapolis, MN to San Diego, CA. Once in California Wolfman Jacc went back to school to get his high school diploma. Upon graduation he join the United States Military, and shipped off to boot camp by way of the United Sates Navy in 2006. Then to Yokosuka, Japan.

A Wolfman Jacc direct quote:

"When i went into the Navy it allowed me to do certain things because i was working getting paid under contract. So i bought laptops and beat programs so I can make beats on the ship while out to sea. And this is when I first started actually making beats. that was in 2006."
-Wolfman Jacc

While in Japan Wolfman Jacc worked with several artists and started a Record Label called "Tyrant Entertainment, LLC Japan." And released demos, albums, mixtapes, and worked, as assistant engineer in a Japanese studio for each project. Commanding the underground music scene in Yokosuka, Japan.

In 2009 Wolfman Jacc went back to San Diego, CA and continued making music as Tyrant Entertainment. Selling mixtapes in the major hip hop shops in San Diego including the local famous hip hop shop "The Armory." And also several smoke shops and liquor stores throughout the city.

In 2010 Tyrant Entertainment was shut down due to unfortunate family issues, and creative differences with management. Even with all the things going wrong an artist Wolfman Jacc was working with named Cashmere released an independent album "Take Me Away" under his own company "The Cash Administration" 12/21/2011 which features 4 songs produced by Wolfman Jacc.

-2011 Wolfman Jacc started professional schooling for recording arts at Full Sail University.

-In early 2011 Wolfman Jacc put together a small 4-city tour for artist Cashmere the "Take Me Away" Tour.

- The Underground Music Awards (2011) nominated Cashmere’s debut album “Take Me Away” for Street Album Of the Year.

-Jul 12, 2011 a press release was released naming Wolfman Jacc as a signee to the McFadden Agency for Management.

-Wolfman Jacc joins The Cash Administration as head producer.

-Wolfman Jacc's Internet presence has grown 300% since 01/01/2011. With over 8,330 searches on Google.

-Wolfman Jacc has leased over 800 beats independently online.

Watch his journey to the top!


Online Production overview below:

Online Production Overview:
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