An abundance of passionate and philanthropic people in Southwest Florida are willing and interested in funding significant, meaningful initiatives targeting women. Motivated by collective experience and determination, an exploratory group was formed in 2011 to discuss and investigate ways to assist women and girls to achieve independent financial stability and addressing other important women’s issues by seek collaborative solutions guided by impact investing and research, as well as fortifying partnerships, democratizing resources, advocating for issues and advancing the special and critical needs of women and girls. With counsel from the Women’s Funding Network and inspiration from WomenMovingMillions, The Women’s Fund of Southwest Florida launched in 2012.

The strategic is to build a $5 million endowed organization by 2020 by offering private donors, foundations and corporations long-term investments in slavery abolition and economic security for women in Southwest Florida, through intense local research and partnerships.

Strategic Priorities include:

Human Trafficking – Advocate for solutions and heightened awareness of the systemic problems of modern slavery, including rape and abuse of children. Raise money to facilitate the creation and operation of the Southwest Florida Regional Center on Human Trafficking.

Savings – Provide fiscal literacy training and matched savings accounts to low-moderate income women to purchase assets such as a first home, starting or expanding a small business, and securing education or training.

Loans – Provide business development training and access to loan capital to women-owned businesses.

General Information:
Empower women and girls, engage the community, and advance gender focused perspectives.

1.     Fund, analyze and disseminate research to support The Women’s Fund activities
2.     Identify critical issues for women in the region and, if feasible, craft solutions to address them
3.     Raise money, broker assets (talent and dollars) and leverage capital to its highest potential
4.     Invest in issues impacting women and girls
5.     Participate in community collaborations to maximize our collective impact
6.     Plan for the long term viability of The Women’s Fund and its strategic priorities

Advocate for the special and critical needs of women and girls by seeking solutions guided by research and collaboration.