Deb Farrell is known as The Ultimate Women’s F.R.E.E.D.O.M. Authority to entrepreneurial women who desire to 'jump-start' their business from 'start to profit' in 90 days or less when moving from the corporate world or working for someone else to the entrepreneurial world.

As a women entrepreneur herself, she coaches, speaks and teaches women entrepreneurs how to: get clear on their passion in alignment with their target market, clear out the “old programs” that are unconsciously sabotaging success, create goals & strategies to eliminate the overwhelm and increase profits, optimize all opportunities – online & offline, and monetize & market your “gifts” so you can quickly make a profit – leaving more time for Freedom, Time and Wealth.

Her first book, “P-A-T-H…with Purpose (Passion Awakens The Heart), How to Be, Do and Have Anything You Desire in Alignment with Who You Are!” walks you through a process to help you identify your passion and purpose, dream big, set goals and take action to transform your life. Jack Canfield, co-creator of Chicken Soup for the Soul series and America's #1 Success Coach wrote the Foreword to Deb's book and Marcia Wieder, America's #1 Dream Coach wrote the Afterword.

Deb was certified by Marcia Wieder as a certified Dream Coach and loves coaching individuals toward the fulfillment of their dreams. She is currently writing, what promises to be a best selling book, The Success Secret, with her friend and mentor Jack Canfield.

Before Deb left the corporate environment, she worked in various financial & human resources roles throughout her 30+ years experience. As a previously certified PHR (Professional in Human Resources) with a master’s degree in Human Resources Management & Administration, she worked in HR for 16 years, with the last 5 of those years serving as a Human Resources Director. She is known for creating guidelines, step-by-step processes and systems while focusing on the organization’s vision, strategies and “bottom line”, and balancing the needs & performance of the employees.

Deb is always helping others to "up-level" their performance and she often offers Free Strategy Breakthrough Sessions for serious individuals who are looking to improve where they are now. You can apply for an opportunity for one of these session with Deb at http://bit.ly/ws2Dsu or visit her website to receive a copy of her free eBook, subscriptions and video tips at http://www.WomensFreedomAuthority.com.