Women’s Only Financial is a new branch of Wealth Partners Corporation, based in Leawood, Kan.  Women’s Only Financial deals exclusively with female investors, and is focused on educating, empowering and coaching women to make competent financial decisions.  

Women’s Only Financial offers female-oriented resources to help educate women about investment strategies, such as one-on-one coaching sessions, educational seminars and free reports with relevant information for female-only investors.  By taking a women-only approach to investing, Women’s Only Financial customizes investment strategies that manage both finances and emotional concerns about investing.

Women's Only Financial services are offered through Wealth Partners Corporation, a registered investment advisor.

Steve Hoover, president of Women's Only Financial, believes that each investor is unique and that no single investment account is right for everyone.  Steve’s areas of expertise include financial planning, income planning and money management.  He also has extensive experience in asset allocation, retirement planning and asset preservation.  Steve was voted by his clients as a Kansas City Magazine FIVE STAR Best in Client Satisfaction financial advisor in 2007, 2008 & 2009.

His workshops have been widely attended by people from St. Luke’s Health Systems, Olathe Medical Center, Interstate Brands Corporation, General Electric, AT&T, Sprint, Ford, General Motors and Hallmark Cards. Steve has shared the speaking stage with Senator Bill Bradley, Mayor Rudolph Giuliani and the late Jack Kemp.

Steve is qualified and licensed to utilize virtually every investment vehicle including stocks, bonds, mutual funds, EFTs, annuities, life insurance, etc.  He is recognized by the states of Kansas and Missouri as an Investment Advisor Representative.