Woodbridge Stereo/Video
-incredible home entertainment and so much more

When we say "incredible home entertainment and so much more" we really mean it.  Woodbridge Stereo/Video was among the very first A-Class consumer electronics retailers to embrace the wide array of high-technology disciplines; including custom theaters, lighting control, systems integration, distributed audio/video, data networks, and so forth.  Having a single resource to design, install, manage and most importantly, maintain these systems, ensures that the quality-of-life benefits that they offer will be fully realized.  

Part science, part art and all passion, we combine the industry’s premier products with four decades of fanatical attention to detail and real-world experience, to ensure that each system we engineer extracts the greatest musical realism, ease of operation, robustness, and reliability, which altogether yield ultimate emotional satisfaction.

We examine your requirements, budgets, décor, and listening preferences, and custom-design playback and control systems that best fit your particular needs.

Sit back, relax and enjoy.  Woodbridge Stereo/Video has the right solution for you.

In our 40 years, Woodbridge Stereo/Video has enjoyed a long and storied history of accolades and awards from our peers within the consumer electronics industry.  In addition to being a six-time recipient of the prestigious AVI “Retailers of the Year”, we have received dozens of awards and special commendations for excellence in sales performance, product and application expertise, and customer delight, from elite manufacturer’s and CE industry organizations.  And yet to us, the most satisfying award comes not from within our industry but from our thousands of clients.  

Our clientele reads like a Who’s Who of the business, financial and entertainment worlds, including:
 Fortune500 CEOs and executives
 Members of the Forbes Richest Americans  
 Sports stars including Superbowl and NBA champions
 Governors and U.S. Senators
 World renowned musicians and composers
 World famous institutions of higher education

Individuals and institutions at the peak of their fields, who demand perfection and creativity, choose Woodbridge Stereo/Video.

Your project deserves nothing less than this documented level of world-class design, execution capacity and honest dedication.