Woodland Psychological Services Ltd was set up in May 2014 by Katie Woodland. Katie is a Child Development Specialist, and had become disillusioned with the services available to people with mental health difficulties. Many children/adolescents who needed help were turned away due to not fulfilling all the necessary criteria, and deemed as not having a 'clinically significant' mental health difficulty. This didn't mean that they didn't have some level of difficulty, and were in need of support, just that there is not help available.

Woodland Psychological Services Ltd takes a pro-active and systematic approach to supporting people with mental health difficulties. We aim to be the first point of call for anyone who is struggling with, or supporting another with a mental health difficulty. This is why we offer support, diagnosis, therapy and training to individuals, businesses and schools. Delivering any intervention out of context, and independent of other areas of a person's life will not be successful - and can increase the risk of further harm to that individual's mental and physical well-being.

The service has two main missions:
1) to bridge the gap between acute services available on the NHS, and supporting those people who are struggling with borderline, mild, or moderate mental health difficulties,
2) train businesses and schools to develop basic psychological principles and techniques so they are better equipped to support pupils/employees with mental health difficulties.