Whether it’s in the creative realm of fiction and poetry, or the technical realm of straightforward facts, I’ve always been captivated by the subtlety and power that the arrangement of certain words can have. I consider myself very well-versed in both realms of writing.

The reason I love Copywriting so much: it requires a very fine balance of both forms of writing. Copywriting, when done right, reaches out to all different consumers. Consumers have interests that must be piqued, and they need to be engaged. This is where the creative side of Copywriting comes in.

However, no one is going to stick around a website for very long if the facts are not immediately inherent. And this is where the technical side of Copywriting comes in. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary that when Copywriting text for a site, it is both engaging and informative, or rather: poetic and professional simultaneously.

Poetry requires the translation of ideas in as few words as possible. The best poems are the ones that best utilize brevity. In this way, I legitimately consider my Copywriting a form of poetry. Only, Copywriting is not so emotional as it is informative. Nonetheless, good Copywriting merges the creative and the technical. It is this idea that allows my Copywriting to be: The Perfect Blend Of Poetry And Professionalism.

However, my Copywriting is much more than just pretty words. The words of the Copywriting serve a very practical purpose. You may have the best website in the world, but it isn’t worth much if no one ever sees it.  (By the way, if you decide you do want the best website in the world, check out August86.com for professional & quality graphic design.)

I love being able to offer services in both Copywriting, as well as SEO. SEO requires intense critical thinking, and the construction of a flawless SEO strategy. Building clients is essential for any business to survive, and here in the technological era, places like Google, Yahoo, and MSN (among others) are the place to be. SEO is the new generation’s primary marketing tool. Using a well-refined SEO strategy, I can guarantee you your spot on the front of these search engines.

In short, I love my job. The fact that I am able to explore the creativity and techniques necessary for Copywriting, as well as the critical thinking and strategy involved in SEO, means I am exercising all parts of my brain daily. SEO and Copywriting keep me sharp. SEO and Copywriting keep me focused, but most importantly: SEO and Copywriting keep me learning.