We the founding members of NU Revolution Entertainment are united in our mission and its focus. Our coalition of common goals has one aim, to build an independent entertainment label from the ground up to represent and promote our artistic vision while retaining creative control of our work and business. Our NU Revolution is more than just music, entertainment and show; it is about an honest turn towards the future with great respect of the past. Collectively we will give of ourselves the time, talent, skill and soul required to propel our movement from vision to reality. We will continue to build upon the foundations of our friendships new business relationships of professional respect. We will work together to overcome any adversity in the face of progress and seek stability and longevity in the entertainment industry through each other and those who join us along the way. Whenever possible we will be the writers of our own destiny yet humble enough to accept guidance and support. Through teamwork and dedication we will secure our place in history.