Dr. Joey Faucette is the internationally known author of the #1 Amazon best-seller, Work Positive in a Negative World: Redefine Your Reality & Achieve Your Business Dreams  (Entrepreneur Press). He is a professional speaker and coach who has taught business professionals this life-transforming process for over two decades, leading individuals in organizations of every size to achieve amazing results.

He is the founder of Listen to Life, a company that coaches people to redefine their reality and fulfill their business dreams. He is the host of the syndicated radio show, Listen to Life, writes a syndicated newspaper column of the same name, and blogs from www.ListentoLife.org that is read in over 50 countries.

Corporations and organizations that invite Dr. Joey, member of the National Speakers Association, to speak discover these value-added returns on their investments:
•Achieve higher results through new solutions
•Coach teams to create collaborative relationships that broaden outcomes.
•Increase productivity and lower employee turnover

Dr. Joey has appeared as a guest on hundreds of radio and TV shows across North America in most major markets. He has written over 500 articles that have appeared on CNBC, Wall Street Journal Money Watch, Dallas Morning News, Sacramento Bee, Entrepreneur.com, Yahoo Finance, and countless others.

Dr. Joey sold inscribed Christmas cards door-to-door in the heat of summer as a 9 year-old when allergies prevented him from mowing lawns to buy a new bike. He sold enough cards for a new bike, plus a telescope and a cassette deck. As a teenager, when told he’d have to pay for college, Dr. Joey discovered his excellent communication skills when, with no experience, he asked for and landed a job at a radio station where he launched what became the #1 rated afternoon show in that market. For 20 years, Dr. Joey led turn-arounds in small, medium, and large organizations, all of which set historical revenue and growth records.

He and his wife have two adult daughters. They enjoy living on Pleasant Gap Farm with their five yellow Labs, three quarter horses, and one cat—Boo Radley.