Workbench 2.0 designs, develops and manufactures highly functional and versatile workspace furnishings for small space living with the mission to “empower your passion to create”.
Our core values are to make the best product that we can, empower creative expression, resource sustainability, environmental responsibility and regional economic development.
All of our quality products are made in the USA. We support resource sustainability and the environment in our products, packaging and finishes. All of our products are made of solid hardwood harvested from sustainable managed forests. Our cartons are certified by the Sustainable Forest Initiative and our finishes are Tung Oil the first true “Green Finish”.
In keeping with resource sustainability we are not into planned obsolescence. Our products are designed for long life with precision crafted quality, functionality and durability.

Workbench 2.0 has put together a living document that will help give view to the life cycle management of products, processes and materials in our business. We will also be documenting transportation, waste, reuse, recycle, sustainability and safety with an awareness of energy used. We think it is very important to educate the consumer about our company and what makes up our products including product/package design, development, manufacturing and distribution.

Some areas where we have made progress:
97% of all raw materials are within a 100 mile radius of fabrication and distribution in northern Wisconsin.
All of our solid White Ash Hardwood comes from sustainable managed forests
Shipping carton fiber is certified by Sustaining Forests Initiative (SFI)
Wood is finished with Tung oil that has zero VOC's. The first "green finish"
Use natural bees wax from Wisconsin bees to optimize sliding shelves and drawers

We have just completed a video for the second square in the life cycle that shows the manufacturing process from log to sanded panels where all waste is reused from manufacturing processes. In a couple of weeks we will release a video on the first square on forest sustainability and why we use wood from sustainable managed forests. Ultimately we will fill this document with useful information so that the consumer can understand the who, what, where, when, why and how of our products so more thoughtful decisions can be made by us as well as the consumer.

Our eco-friendly products are sold through e-commerce and specialty stores.