Helping People "Communicate in Spanish & English"

Workplace Spanish, Inc. develops and publishes job-specific Spanish and English learning programs that result in improved communication, teamwork & productivity. Our materials are succinct, easy-to-use, and have proven to be effective and beneficial for our customers.

Founded in 1998 as a travel language company, on the premise that foreign language learning was more difficult than necessary, we created a simplified, no grammar, easy-pronunciation language approach that focused on what one "needs to say" rather than trying to learn the entire language in the traditional academic manner.  We created a series of pocket cards for travelers in 10 languages.

As we watched the tremendous growth of the Hispanic population and workforce, we realized that our simplified approach would serve a greater need in the workplace where language barriers were creating tremendous challenges and problems for employers.

In late 1999 we taught our first Workplace Spanish® classes in the commercial construction and home building industries. These were quickly followed by classes for government, customer service and landscaping. Our type of training produced very tangible results and enabled people to communicate in Spanish in basic and meaningful ways.

In 2001 we changed our corporate name to 'Workplace Spanish' and later received trademark registration for that name. We began to develop other job-specific programs for diverse occupations and industries in business, health care, government and education.

Since then Workplace Spanish® has become the country's most popular brand of job-related language materials. Over 70,000 people in 47 states have used our materials to achieve basic Spanish and English communication skills. Our programs have been taught in 350+ colleges & schools across the country and used by hundreds of business & government organizations.

While we are very proud of our growth and the needs that we meet, we continue to look for new ways to promote better communication, teamwork and efficiency in today's workplace.