At Workplace, we value people above all else: our people, our customers’ people, and our partners. We value relationships, so we strive to be easy to work with, focusing our energies on lean innovations, on agile business practices, and on building a positive, start-up culture that embraces strong, employee-led values.

Workplace is the world’s first employee-friendly forecasting and scheduling tool optimized for employers of hourly-paid workers. Our SaaS smart scheduling product gives performance visibility to HQ, empowers location managers to shape schedules that reflect local conditions, and engages employees, delivering work-life balance and satisfaction levels through our mobile app to improve customer service and drive revenue.

With over 300 customers worldwide and offices in London, Chicago and Sydney, Workplace schedules over 500,000 workers every day in 75 countries. Workplace customers include companies globally, including Rite Aid, Wireless Vision, World Kitchen, Carhartt and Metro. Find out more at www.workplacesystems.com