Jay Goldberg is the founder and CEO of DTR Inc., a consulting firm specializing in business development and employee training. From business plan mentoring; to implementing an ongoing strategic planning process; to developing branding and advertising campaigns that get results; to generating customer service strategies and practices that increase revenues; to conducting meaningful market research; to developing and implementing competency-based workplace training programs; DTR Inc. helps transform businesses from getting by to maximizing profits.

Mr. Goldberg is a former thirteen year Citibank executive where he specialized in all aspects of customer service. After obtaining his MBA from Long Island University right after graduating from Rider College with a B.S. in economics, Mr. Goldberg went to work for Citibank as a management trainee. After achieving the position of Service Director for the Lower Manhattan Region of the New York Banking Division, Mr. Goldberg left Citibank in the early 1990's to start his own consulting business. Late in 1994, Mr. Goldberg's consulting business grew from a sole proprietorship to a corporation, and DTR Inc. was born.

Mr. Goldberg's accomplishments both at Citibank and at DTR Inc. were many. At Citibank, Mr. Goldberg was one of the first to look at customer service as a profit center, not just a necessary expense. He was the first to actually quantify the correlation between service and profits. His bankcard customer service profitability model was a jump off point for a change in Citibank's corporate-wide strategic plan. Citibank made service delivery their cornerstone to gain a competitive edge in the marketplace.

At DTR Inc., Mr. Goldberg developed a work readiness training program (philosophy, lesson plans, in-class exercises, assessments, competency statements, teacher training process, certification test) that was called the best in the Country by a member of the National Skills Standard Board at a presentation of the Program in Jacksonville, Florida on 01/14/03.

In April of 2008, Mr. Goldberg's book, “How to Get, Keep and Be Well Paid in a Job” was published by Outskirts Press. The book received a five-star review from the Midwest Book Review, an entity that recommends books for libraries. The review concluded that the book, “is highly recommended for library career collections.

In February, 2011, Mr. Goldberg's second book, Building a Successful Business was published (https://www.createspace.com/3785695).  The book is a business plan and management skill instruction manual, tip sheet, and workbook for entrepreneurs and venues that teach entrepreneurship.  Mr Goldberg also teaches a course "How to Start, Grow and Manage a Business, and has been the featured speaker at numerous seminars.

Mr. Goldberg has published around 20 books on topics ranging from entrepreneurship to work readiness to customer service to his training program philosophy to more.  His books are available at Amazon.com.