Our mission is to educate and empower the public and policymakers through scientific information about dangerousness and violence risk as this information pertains to government leaders.  Our service is to provide consultation to government bodies upon request, so that they may proceed with their political processes as they see fit in an informed way.
For future prevention of dangers, we call for mandatory medical, neuropsychiatric, and capacity (fitness for duty) assessments for all candidates of elected positions in countries with weapons of mass destruction.
Why we created the World Mental Health Coalition

In a historically unprecedented fashion, thousands of mental health experts across the world have come together with high concerns about dangerousness as indicated by the numerous, consistent, observable behaviors in the current President of the United States, Donald J. Trump.  We, as mental health professionals bound by an overriding public health and safety mandate that applies to all health professionals, have a duty to warn and to protect when we see such evidence.  The evidence Mr. Trump exhibits given his position as U.S. President puts him at risk of being a danger to national and international security.

Urgent Concerns

Pressures of a high office, public humiliations, and access to weapons are all known risk factors for individuals who regularly show dangerous characteristics.  We are highly concerned that recent and continuing high-pressure situations and the threat of losing face publicly for Mr. Trump have heightened the dangerousness of the current situation.

If he were in other any role than President, we would invoke a mandatory evaluation immediately based on the signs we see, because we would be bound by our professional obligation to public safety.  Even though a president has equal right to treatment, no mechanism for it currently exists for the highest office in the United States