WorldWideWebDot.com was established in 1998. We specialize in custom, high quality, and hard to find trumpet specialty items. We offer only high quality refurbished and guaranteed play tested used trumpets. Each horn is personally tested by our founder, Dean Taylor, who has been playing trumpet for over 42 years. In addition you will see that we have a selection of a few items that are exclusive to our site. We also sell on Ebay, as WorldWideWebDot.
Ebay is actually where the idea for this website got started. I would see countless ebay auctions for used trumpets for sale from estate buyers, pawn brokers and such. People that know nothing about trumpets nor could they care less. They are just out for a quick profit. I read many a feedback, and saw that many were parents that were looking for a good quality used trumpet for their son or daughter for school . Many were disappointed when the trumpet they received sometimes did not even play!  As you know, there are lots of really bad BRAND NEW trumpets out there as well, and parents buy them because they are shiny and new, and that's what their child wants. It is certainly not what he/she needs.
I started buying some top quality dent free, used Olds, Bach, Getzen, and Conn student model trumpets, as many as I could get my hands on. Once I receive them I ultrasonically cleaned them inside and out, make sure all of the slides work, valve action excellent, springs, pads, felts changed as needed, polish and play tested for tone, intonation and range. I started reselling them on ebay offering a 100% money back guarantee (from a trumpet player seller). I couldn’t keep them in stock ! Parents time after time sent me emails telling me how fortunate they were to find my auction and win a nice playing horn for their child, with a "worry free" transaction from a trumpet player. (and how there child is practicing and playing now) I have actually lost count over how many trumpets I have sold on Ebay over the years, and more importantly how many kids and parents I made happy. It's in the hundreds, since 1998. Each used horn today, still gets the same attention to detail, and personal responsibility to insure you are 100% satisfied. I personally hand pick the used trumpets that are offered on this site. If they are not absolutely top notch horns, (with a few cosmetics aside) I will not buy them or offer them to my customers. To date, I have not had one trumpet returned to me ! You can buy with confidence from WorldWideWebDot.com
There have been huge advances in trumpet construction techniques, mouthpiece design over the last few decades. If you are a young person out there reading this, and you are in love with playing the trumpet, like I was at your age , my advice to you is to do what ever it takes to earn extra money,  to buy and try different mouthpieces, and if you or your parents can afford it, buy, sell, trade and try different quality trumpets also. (used and new).  Don't let someone tell you that your equipment doesn't matter.  It certainly does. After I got rid of my Olds and 7C, I was able to find a combination of a different size and top quality mouthpiece, and different quality trumpet, that increased my range 4 notes with no other changes.  I didn't practice harder.  The higher notes I was looking for just came out with the right equipment! And a whole lot easier. ( You still have to do plenty of practicing however )  Every trumpeter just needs to find out what works best for him or her !  Keep searching.
Worldwidewebdot.com is now very pleased to be able to bring you the highly rated CarolBrass line of new trumpets.  They are one trumpet manufacturing company that is staying ahead of the times, in terms of trumpet manufacturing, design, and materials used. Check out the CarolBrass trumpet page and see the huge selection of horns.  You will be amazed ! May your high G's be fruitful and multiply !