World City Press, Inc. was incorporated in the State of Nevada May 13, 2009 to serve as a holding company for various online news networks in which it combines those publishing skills in providing media marketing services to IR and PR agencies.

World City Press is the largest independent online news network in North America, generating over 3 million page views per day across 132 major market city news sites it owns and operates. In all, World City Press owns and operates 312 publisher sites as well as delivering news to more than 7,800 websites that make up its virtual syndicate. Actual news syndication is managed by Source Press in Toronto.

World City Press' news publications employ journalists in newsrooms in New York, Toronto, Washington DC, Tokyo, Reno, Houston and London. Its three news networks produce on average 450 original news stories every month. Additional news stories are licensed from various other publications.

The North American news networks, Axcess News in the USA and Source Press in CA, comprise a geographic network of major city news sites in virtually every state and province. In the UK, news is produced in Ireland, Scotland and Great Britain which serves 16 major market cities.

The Holding Company also provides media services to the investor and public relations sector and is the only business feature production and distribution house in North America.