Worldleaders has served as marketing and sales advisers for over 250 companies to help them craft a growth-oriented sales strategy, train their sales and marketing staff in the most essential selling skills, and recruit the best sales talent in their industry. We are the integrated solution for organizations that want to make sales and marketing one of their competitive advantages.

Our sales process/methodology is focused around a few major steps/philosophies that work particularly well with B2B organizations that have to work with multiple decision makers.

The foundation of the Smart Sales Method prompts an organization to work on identifying the 3 types of decision makers in their prospective customer: the business, user, and financial level decision makers. It then calls for the organization to run a full Lead Generation campaign on the business level decision maker to receive disposition.

From here, the Smart Sales Method focuses on building a business case for why a customer should implement your solution in terms of 1) Business Result 2) Risks Mitigated at a fair market price. There is a specific needs assessment that is taught to receive the inputs needed to create a perfect business case.

Finally, we move into the Smart Sales Proposal and closing on relative value which has proven to work over 70% of the time.

Once the process is implemented, Worldleaders offers online/in-person training in prospecting, business case development, presenting and closing, account management, sales management, and consultative selling.

Finally, our proactive recruiting process is what will drive continuous marketing/sales team improvement for your organization. We help you develop the strategy and structure of your talent to create real and recruit-able positions, career progression/planning, and organization development.

We create campaigns to attract marketing and salespeople that have a history of selling what you sell to the customers that you sell to. We then advocate why they should leave their current organization to come and work for you - and we help assess them and develop on-boarding plans for their continued success. Essentially, we serve as RPO for your marketing and sales organization.

Our best customer is a mid-sized technology/manufacturing provider. You are in a challenging marketplace with multiple competitors that have highly competitive products and services. Your clients are large, complex organizations and you have competition both internally & externally. Internally, you're competing for priority, budget dollars, and with internal teams. Externally, you have between 3-20 direct competitors that your customer can engage with through a simple online search. You may not have the lowest cost or the most brand recognition... but there is a demographic of customer that is the right fit for you.

If this is you - we are here for you.

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