What is Pastured?

Pastured or pasture-raised… These chickens live outside, are being treated humanely, and are allowed to fully express their nature as chickens because they can scratch in the earth for worms, bugs, and grubs to satisfy their natural need for animal protein. Other behaviors that pastured chickens are afforded is the ability to take dust baths to keep themselves clean, to socialize with their flock in uncrowded conditions, and to have fresh clean air to breathe and healthy sunshine for optimal health.
World’s Best Eggs

Jeremiah Cunningham’s “World’s Best Eggs” is not a brag, it is more of a classification. Some of your grandparents or great-grandparents also produced eggs that were in a class of World’s Best Eggs because they lived outside and had non-chemically produced food.

Currently our eggs are very nutrient-dense, higher in Omega-3 fatty acids, and lower in cholesterol than eggs produced in confined conditions. One of the reasons that our eggs are more nutrient-dense is that our organic pastures are treated with compost tea four times a year. Compost Tea, in simplest terms, is extracting the biology from organic compost into a water solution, multiplied with molasses, humic acid, volcanic rock, greensand, and so forth. The result is a micro-herd of protozoa and nematodes that feed on the bacteria and fungi produced together in the compost tea.

After application of the compost tea, this micro-herd aggregates the soil, allowing the roots to go down deep into the earth and bring up abundant micro-nutrients and fully usable minerals that are essential to vibrant health. This is another reason that we feel okay about putting our eggs in the World’s Best Eggs category.