Experienced writers and teachers understand that writing becomes more enjoyable when you write about something you love. The concept of Write on Sports (WoS) is to teach youth to write by teaching them to write about sports, a
subject they are passionate about.

During their time in Write on Sports, students learn the basic elements of good journalism and apply their knowledge to writing spot stories and a feature piece. As part of the learning process, WoS introduces youth to professional
journalists and athletes, whom they interview and then write about. Students also write scripts and produce videos on computers. They blog about events they attend, guests they have interviewed, or opinions they have about sports. Write on Sports encourages critical thinking, and students are expected to revise their stories multiple times in order to improve their work.

WoS holds summer camps and after-school programs. The flagship summer camps are four two-week camps in northern New Jersey for students in Newark, The Oranges, Hawthorne and Clifton. Goshen, IN,  Roselle, NJ, Central Falls, RI and Monmouth University in West Long Branch, NJ are WoS Affiliates.  It will also hold after-school programs at the Edison Middle School, West Orange, at the Prudential Center for members of the Boys and Girls Club in Newark, NJ.  A camp includes up to 30 students and the student-teacher ratio is about 4:1 so that each student receives personalized assistance. Certified teachers, including some from the local school district, and interns, many with previous WoS camp experience.  Each after-school program has about a dozen students, with staff from the Write on Sports pool of experienced teachers.

The focus of WoS is middle school youth – particularly the student in the sixth, seventh or eighth grade who shows promise and can benefit from such a program. Students are invited to return a second and sometimes a third year if
they want to build on what they learn. The program is about writing and we make the program fun through interaction with guests and role playing or videos. We seek to inspire and to encourage all the students we work with
to become more confident writers.

Write on Sports, a non-profit, receives funding from individuals, foundations and corporations. It is tuition free.